Motivation: Get Some

20 Feb

I’ve been ‘working from home’ for a week… They are putting in a new bathroom in our office, yippie kay-ey.

Let me tell you….I AM GOING CRAZY. I can and never ever will have a job where I work from home. It is so hard to wake up and be motivated at 7am, knowing that my electric blanket and kitty can lay in bed for another 2 hours. Talk about tough. I’ve drug myself to go to Starbucks every day (not nice on my ever-shrinking wallet) and attempt to work ‘from home’. Silly, silly concept.

If this freelance thing every takes off, I MUST have an office outside of my home. It is way too easy for me to pop in a movie, make a big lunch, take an “hour” shopping break, clean the cupboards, paint my nails, catch up the local gossip (like Pittsburgh has any), and the list goes on…

Let this post not be mistaken for laziness – I am not lazy – it is just so hard to work when I am so easily distracted with my life in mi casa.

How I get motivated:

Get out and do something. Move. Interact. Explore. Breathe. Take a chance.

1. Yeah, rah rah, #Starbucks. My life. My savior. 

Caramel Macchiato, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Pike’s Place Roast, Java Chip Frappucino (all unnecessary calories, but all wonderful).

SIDE NOTE: In case anyone was wondering…the FDA is now reviewing Inhalable Caffeine (see my Asian friends below). You better believe I will be first in line for that. Better yet, I hope they come out with an IV of caffeine, for all of us who can’t function without a little burst of heaven every morning, afternoon, and evening). Click here for the full article. Thanks so much, MSNBC. We are friends today.

2. Kelly Clarkson Pandora Radio.
“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”
Beside Kelly having some mad pipes, she takes the whole “girl power” thing to another level. You saaang that ‘ish, girl. Ms. Clarkson is my inspiration (and she also sings about how much she is better off without a man – twinsies!)
 The only downfall is that one song my Vanessa Carlton that sneaks into my playlist and is buzz kill magills – A Thousand Miles. Barfola.
3. Pinterest
It’s just an addiction – no judgement here. Favorite: “I could settle down, but I don’t settle” #storyofmylife
I’ve been on here pinning and re-pinning everything ‘girl’ related. Today’s topic: RULES TO LIVE BY (mushy, inspirational, teary-eyed, feel-sorry-for-me, quotes. I’m allowed to have a heart on some days, okay?!).
No, but really, Pinterest is a huge up and coming thing for new businesses. LinkedIn is all over these articles, which in return means that my Twitter is filled with them 🙂 Follow my Twitter!

There you go, I did all of your research for you, now go market your business on Pinterest. AND, next time my boss wonders why I am on Pinterest for 3 hours at work – I will let her read these articles, and let her know that I am simply doing research! 🙂 Nuff’ said.

4. PR blogs and articlesAnd the new Burberry collection (*drooling)

Who would a PR Girl be without keeping up on the trends? I check Twitter, Facebook, and my regular blogs as often as I can. They really serve as inspiration and motivation to keep up with what I want to do! No one every achieved anything great by just sitting around #truthbetold

5. If none of that works, I GET OFF MY BUTT. 

I set a goal for myself to get to the gym at least 4 days a week. It is amazing how much a work-out can do for you shibby mood. Running (or any cardio) for 25 minutes 4-5 times a week not only puts you in a better mood, but it also fights cellulite and tones your entire body. Summer is…4 MONTHS AWAY. Bikini body, check. Lyric perfect for this: “I – I – I – work out (sexy and I know it – LMFAO)”. Need workout tips? Oh yeah, check out Pinterest (another Pinterest plug, sorry).

6. Squash negative thoughts. Replace them with positive ones.

It’s important to start monitoring your thoughts, yo. Recognize negative self-talk, which is really what’s causing your slump. Just spend a few days becoming aware of every negative thought. Then, after a few days, try squashing those negative thoughts like a bug, and then replacing them with a corresponding positive thought. Squash, “This is too hard!” and replace it with, “I can do this!” No more Debbie Downer’s or Negative Nancy’s, please.

7. Remind yourself that you are awesome (or let your mom remind you)

Reason #109859285 why I love my Momma:

8. Put your Paws up, becuase you were born this way, baby! Just ask Gaga. 

Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.

I’m on the right track, baby, I was born to be brave.


Realize that there’s an ebb and flow.

Motivation is not a constant thing that is always there for you. It comes and goes, and comes and goes again, like the roll tide (har har). But realize that while it may go away, it doesn’t do so permanently. It will come back. Just stick it out and wait for that motivation to come back. In the meantime, make a goal, try to maintain it, ask for help (my family and best friends are my support system), and do some of the other things listed here until your motivation comes back.


One Response to “Motivation: Get Some”

  1. Chris February 20, 2012 at 10:55 pm #

    I love this blog. It is funny and easy to read, but also gives practical tips. I’m lovin’ it.
    I think this should go on Pinterest. 🙂

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